Work Resources

Among my working resources (technical dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, monolingual dictionaries, computer programs, etc.) are:

- Trados Studio 2011 (a CAT tool)

- Wordfast Pro 3 (a CAT tool)

- Dragon Naturally Speaking - Version 10 Preferred (dictation software)

- “Ragazzini” (ed. Zanichelli, bilingual dictionary)

- Collins-Giunti (bilingual dictionary)

- “Medicine and Biology” (ed. Zanichelli, bilingual dictionary)

- “McGraw-Hill-Zanichelli” (ed. Zanichelli, scientific and technical bilingual dictionary)

- “Gould-Chiampo” (ed. Zanichelli, medical bilingual dictionary)

- “Taber” (ed. McGraw-Hill, medical bilingual dictionary)

- “Lucchesi” (ed. Raffaello Cortina, medical bilingual dictionary)

- “Dizionario Medico Dompé” (Ed. Masson, medical dictionary).

- “Churchill’s Medical Dictionary” (Centro Scientifico Editore), Italian edition

- “Stedman’s Medical Dictionary” (ed. Williams and Wilkins.), English edition

- “Dizionario di terminologia psicologica” (ed. Universitarie Romane, bilingual dictionary of psychology)

- Various books on biology, pharmacology, medicine, chemistry, etc.

- Various specialistic resources on the Internet

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