I was born in Milan (Italy) on May 1st 1967, the city where presently I live and work.

I am a native Italian.

I am a Qualified Member of AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters). I hold a Professional Liability Insurance.


2001-2018 Non-Editorial and Editorial Translations. In 2001, I started my activity as a free-lance, technical and scientific translator (working language: English) collaborating with translation agencies, patent offices, and pharmaceutical companies (complete list is available on request).

2001-2017 Free-Lance Activity as a Scientific Journalist. I worked for the monthly medical review “Bollettino Cardiologico”, based in Milan, to which I contributed articles on medical and biological issues (in the Italian language.)

1998-2000 I worked at TIGET (Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan) on a project involving the gene therapy of diabetes, initially with a fellowship and subsequently on a contractual basis.

1996-97 I worked at the National Cancer Institute of Milan (“Istituto Nazionale per la Cura e lo Studio dei Tumori”) on a project regarding the molecular biology of p53 protein and cell cycle control with a fellowship based on AIRC (Italian Association for cancer Research, “Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro”) funds.

Oral communications and posters (collaborating as a molecular biologist)- May 1996: Joint Convention of the Associazione di Biologia Cellulare e del Differenziamento-Associazione Genetica italiana-Società Italiana di Biofisica e Biologia Molecolare, Riccione, 2-5 October 1996.

- November 1999: Telethon Convention, Rimini, 14-16 November 1999, “Development of glucose-responsive promoters for transcriptional regulation of insulin synthesis in hepatocytes”, Falqui L., Belgeri S., Calebiro D., Biressi S., Monti L. D., Valsecchi G., Pozza G. and Bordignon C.

- November 2000: Telethon Convention, Rimini, 12-14 November 2000, “Gene therapy of diabetes mellitus”, Falqui L., Corbella P., Belgeri S., Calebiro D., Martinenghi S. and Bordignon C.; and ”In vitro and in vivo transfer of the acidic sphingomyelinase gene into airway epithelial cells: a possible new strategy in the treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in cystic fibrosis”, Conese M., Bragonzi A., Belgeri S. e Assael B. M.

- December 2015: “Prevention of acute GI disturbances with a functional food formulation designed to support and maintain intestinal barrier function during sports performance” (N. Sponsiello, S. Belgeri, R. Conte, D. Carandini, M. Salamone; Progress in Nutrition Vol 17, No 4 (2015))


2015 (October) “Seminar on Legal Translation (English to Ialian) - The Industrial Law”. Organized by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), Lombardy Section.

2015 (October) “Seminar on Instrumentation, Techniques and Materials for Dental Technology”. Organized by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), Lombardy Section.

2014 (October) Seminar “Introduction to Machine Translation”. Organized by Linguatech s.n.c.

2014 (October) Seminar “Terminology for Translators”. Organized by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), Lombardy Section.

2014 (June) Seminar “P2P Laboratory on Editorial Revision”. Organized by AITI, Lombardy Section.

2014 (January) Seminar “Gestione Geparata INPS for Translators and Interpreters”. Organized by AITI, Lombardy Section.

2013 (April) Seminar "Journey notes: Translating for Tourism". Organized by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), Lombardy Section.

2011 (November) Seminar: "Medical Translation and Communication Techniques in Health Sector – Advanced Level ". Organized by AITI, Piedmont Section.

2011 (April) Seminar: "The Language of Inventions – How to Translate Patents". Organized by AITI, Piedmont Section.

2011 (March) Seminar: "SDL Trados Studio 2009 – Advanced Level". Organized by AITI, Liguria Section.

2011 (January) Seminar: “A Practical Laboratory on Revision of Editorial Translations”. Organized by AITI, Lombardy Section.

2010 (February) Seminar: "SDL Trados Studio 2009 – Basic Level". Organized by AITI, Liguria Section.

2009 (June) Seminar: “Marketing Techniques in the Field of Translations”, organized by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), Liguria regional section.

2007 (March) Seminar: “How to speed up your terminological researches on the web and in your documents”, organized by AITI, Liguria regional section.

2006 Admitted to AITI (Italian Association of Translator and Interpreters;

2003 (November) Seminar: “The Significance of Revision in the Translation Process: a Practical Approach”, organized by AITI, Emilia Romagna regional section.

2003 (July) Admission at ANITI (Italian National Association of Translator and Interpreters; -> “Annuario dei soci” to find my name).

2003 (June) Training period at Edi-Ermes publishing house, based in Milan, as a part of an "e-Learning and Scientific Divulgation Program”, attended during the same year (see March-June 2003).

Training program: revision and/or translation of some chapters from the textbook “Clinical Periontology and Implant Dentistry” by J. Lindhe (Ed. Blackwell-Munksgaard). Specifically, the work involved revision of chapters to be modified, and translation of those missing after comparison of 4th English version with 3rd Italian version to publish 4th Italian version.

After this period, the publisher commissioned me to complete 4th Italian version.

2003 (March-June) Post-graduate course in “e-Learning and Scientific Divulgation via the internet”, organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Milan.

2003 (January) Seminar: “Marketing for Translators and Interpreters: Theory Compared to Practice”, organized by AITI, Lombardy regional section.

2002-2003 “Seminar on Editorial Translation” (November 2002-February 2003) organized by AITI, Section of Lombardy. Lecturer: Dr. Isabella Blum (a biologist and scientific translator. She collaborates with various leading Italian publishers).

1996 (June) State Exam to practice as a Biologist in Italy.

1995 (March) Degree in Biological Sciences, awarded by the University of Milan, General Physiology and Biochemistry Department, Comparative Biochemistry Section, directed by Prof. L. Alberghina. Experimental thesis dealing with the molecular biology of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Title of dissertation: "Evaluation of the utilization of a reporter gene for the study of the promoter of a growth-regulated yeast gene". Grade awarded: 108/110.

1986-89 Registered at the Faculty of Medicine, Milan State University. Average mark in the eight examinations I attended: 28/30.

1986 High School Diploma at Liceo Classico "G. Berchet", Milan.

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